Sales Performance and Evaluation

We are growth experts with proven experience in various industries on a local and global scale. Remaining true to our mission of helping clients develop their organizations, build more effectiveness in their sales teams and processes, enhance service levels in their organizations and retain more customers.

We start by listening to your needs; what is happening now, where do you want to go, and what are some of the obstacles in your way. We can jointly uncover areas, procedures and processes in which we can offer you a solution.

Win / Loss Analysis

Our Win/Loss analysis will enable you to increase your closing ratios and decrease customer attrition by obtaining factual information from your prospects and customers on why they chose to do business with you or with your competitors. The Win/Loss analysis will:

  • Make you understand your prospects’ or clients’ perception of your company;
  • Allow you to better leverage your strengths and avoid your weaknesses;
  • Compile valuable competitive information and
  • Provide a basis for sales force training, mentoring and coaching

Client and Customer Retention

The difference between a client and a customer might seem slight. Frequently the terms are used interchangeably to refer to any person or firm that uses your products or services.

Understanding their needs and their satisfaction level is critical to the success of your organization. Both clients and customers have high expectations.

Our task is to make sure that you accomplish what is not always apparent to meet these expectations and to enable you to turn one-off-clients into longstanding customers.